visita una batea

Trip to a floating mussel bed

Sponsored by: Consello Regulador do Mexillón de Galicia

If there is one visual element characteristic of the Ria of Vigo it is bound to be the floating mussel beds. These unique wooden structures are floating nurseries for growing mussel. Mussel seeds grow on a network of ropes hanging from the floating bed that can measure as much as 12 metres in length. Due to their dimensions and the natural conditions in the Galician rias (considered by the FAO to be one of the largest phytoplankton deposits on the planet), the floating mussel bed is an ecosystem with over 100 different documented species.Thanks to the collaboration of Consello Regulador do Mexillón de Galicia, we can visit these structures that are so unique to our rias, both on the surface and underwater.

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Trip to a floating mussel bed prizes

40€ - 1 person

70€ - 2 people

bautizo batea

Floating mussel bed initiation

All activities supervided by qualified PADI instructors.

This is our most popular activity. Aimed at those who want to know what it feels like to breath underwater. An initial shallow dive in a natural environment unique in the world.

You will be given a brief theoretical class, while you enjoy the views from the floating mussel bed, on basic diving concepts, the use of the scuba equipment, and on safety. Later, always at your own pace, we will have a short dive (with safety ropes to build up your confidence) around the mussel bed. The whole activity will be headed and supervised by a qualified PADI instructor.

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Floating mussel bed initiation prizes

60€ - 1 person

Snorkelling in the ria of vigo

Enjoy a unique natural environment from a new perspective. Visit a floating mussel bed or enjoy our sea beds, accompanied by a qualified professional. We will provide you with the equipment needed to enjoy this activity in a comfortable, safe manner. This activity requires no prior experience..

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salidas de buzeo

Dive outings

An activity aimed at certified divers

Daily outings from the Vigo Yacht Club to various points in the ria. Explore sea beds, a floating mussel bed or any one of numerous shipwrecks to be found in the ria. From the town’s historic centre to a floating mussel bed in just over 10 minutes

Diving prizes

35€ - 1 (bottle+lastre)

50€ - 2 full equipment