Open water diver

Become a certified diver

This course will allow you to practice diving anywhere in the world without having to be accompanied by an instructor. No previous experience is needed to go diving.

A course given by PADI instructors, a high-profile international organization in recreational diving, involving theoretical and practical parts. The length of the course will depend on the students attending the course since we adapt to your needs. Practicals include one part in confined water (swimming pool or the sea) where you will learn to handle the equipment and the skills needed to become a scuba diver. And four dives in open waters where we put to the test all that has been learnt previously.

Prezos Open water diver



  • Recent photo
  • Medical Certificate confirming fitness for diving
  • Under 18’s must be authorized by their parents or tutors.

Advance open water diver

Make u further step in your formation!

This course is designed for those who have completed the Open Water Diver course but want to build up more confidence and improve their skills as divers. This course involves five adventure dives, each one completely different from the rest, that will give you the opportunity to explore other aspects of the underwater world. Accompanied by your PADI instructor, you will go on deep dives and sailing. Here you will learn the basic techniques for planning and developing this type of outing in completely safe conditions. Then you will have a further three adventure dives more adapted to your tastes and interests.

Prizes Open water diver




  • Open Water Diver qualification or equivalent
  • Dive insurance
  • Medical certificate

Rescue diver

Prevention and reaction to problems in the water!

An intense but highly gratifying course. Your instructor will teach you to avoid and adequately manage the problems you might encounter in the water. This course continues to build up your confidence level so that you can help other companions when necessary. Despite being a demanding course, many divers consider this to be the best course of all. You will practice self-rescue techniques, you will learn how to recognize and manage a diving emergency, you will go through rescue drills for rescuing panicking or unconscious divers and you will put into practice your know-how in first aid..

Prizes rescue diver



  • OWD Advanced qualification or equivalent
  • Medical Certificate
  • Valid diving insurance
  • Títulación de Emergency First Response ou equivalente (primeiros auxilios)


The start to a new professional career!

The Divemaster course is the first step in your professional career in recreational diving. You will work alongside a PADI instructor, helping with courses and supervising diving activities. You will perfect your underwater skills and will master dive theory at instructor level. Once you have completed the Divemaster course, you can work as a diving guide anywhere in the world. This is probably the most complete course as far as training and practicals are concerned that you will do at professional level.

Prizes divemaster



  • Rescue Diver qualification or equivalent
  • Emergency First Response qualification or equivalent (first aid)
  • Minimum age of 18
  • Medical certificate
  • Valid diving insurance
  • Minimum of 60 inmersions at the end of the course